Restoring Financial Autonomy

It is probably safe to say, I tend to be a risk taker.   Fortunately most of my adult life, I have been able to maintain financial stability.   Even though my Dad would probably give me a "B minus" compared to his mental money management skills.  Four days before my birthday in March, there was an article on the Yahoo Personal Finance page that intrigued me.  It was titled, "Super-save with no-spend month" from the website.  Some of the major points were as follows:

Set a dollar figure for spending for the month and stick to it.

Cut out all luxuries without setting a dollar limit.

Combine a 30-day short-term spending diet with an effort to boost your income.

Doom and Gloom vs. Opportunity and Excitement

April is Financial Literary Month.   It is a very appropriate time to assess where we are financially. Observing the current economic client, I am proposing not to let this focus be temporary to the contrary view it as an opportunity to employ a powerful strategy.  Before I share what I did and plan to continue to do, I ask you to join me, here is some background.


After reading it decided to do the following:

  • To reduce significantly wasteful spending to allow me to pay off more of my debt – eating at home all of my meals when I am not at work or and bringing my lunch to work

  • To be in charge of keeping healthier choices within $35 which will provide more money to repay my debt faster, reduce interest payments and start an increased savings plan sooner

  • To continue to execute steps to build my own business